The second Atta Media Awards will celebrate journalism excellence covering African destinations and African subjects. We intend to recognise creative and inspiring content that fits one of the award categories.

Articles should entertain and educate readers on subjects such as the geography, flora, fauna and the culture of this great continent encouraging interest that will benefit the association’s members, the buyers and suppliers of African tourism.

The awards will cover 8 categories:

  1. Best African travel trade article – this can be a news or feature piece (Sponsored by AVIS)

  2. Best Cultural Article on an African destination – focusing on the people, art or places (Sponsored by AVIS)

  3. Best wildlife & nature feature on Africa in a national newspaper – both online or offline

  4. Best wildlife & nature feature on Africa in a national magazine – both online or offline

  5. Best blogger/ vlogger /influencer feature on Africa – Sponsored by South African Airways

  6. Self published or member published – an article either commissioned or written either by the members themselves & published on their own platform (Sponsored by AVIS)

  7. Best international article – online or offline (Sponsored by AVIS)

  8. Judges Award – Outstanding award for contribution to African Travel

The judging panel will comprise senior members of the travel industry and established travel editors and journalists.