Panel Chair - Anita Powell - Former Atta Chair and Managing Director & Founder of Small World Marketing

Jonny Bealby - CEO & Founder of Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel

Colin Bell - Founder Wilderness Safaris, Great Plains, Natural Selection

Damian Cook - Founder & Managing Director of E-Tourism Frontiers &  Atta Social Media Director

Jake Grieves Cook - Managing Director & Founder of Gamewatchers Safaris & Porini Camps

Lyn Hughes - Co- Founder of Wanderlust Travel Magazine

Julia Kemp - Avis - Director of Global Travel and Partnerships

Joss Kent - CEO &Beyond

Praveen Moman - Managing Director & Founder of Volcanoes Safaris

Craig Rix - Editor/Publisher of Travel Africa Magazine

Jeremy Jauncey - Founder and CEO of Beautiful Destinations