Winners to be announced at the award ceremony on 27 June 2017

1. Best News Coverage on African Tourism (Trade Press)

Rupert Parker - A Real Charmer - Selling Travel
Sarah Gilbert - Wild Times in Uganda - TTG
Emily Bamber - Park Life - Travel Weekly

2. Best Cultural Article on an African Destination

Chris Leadbeater - Will the Real Zanzibar please stand up - National Geographic Traveller
Simon Parker - From Aardvark to Spanspek: A New Vocabulary - The Sunday Telegraph
Michael Kerr - Home Brew & Hospitality - The Sunday Telegraph

3. Best Wildlife Feature in a National Newspaper

Gavin Bell - The Rewilding of Malawi - The Sunday Telegraph
Brian Jackman - A Safari that will touch your soul - The Daily Telegraph
Sue Watt - Cecil the Lion's Legacy, One Year On - The Independent

4. Best Wildlife Feature in a National Magazine

Michael Unwin - Gorilla Country - BBC Wildlife Magazine
Emma Gregg - Meeting Doctor Jane - National Geographic Traveller
Sarah Gilbert - Gorillas in our Midst - Wanderlust

5. Best Blogger / Vlogger on Africa

Ann & Steve Toon - The Marmite Moments of a Photography Couple - Beat about the bush
James Draven - Kenya: Lines in the Sand - National Geographic Traveller
Lucy McGuire - Go on, be a dare devil: Dive into Devil's Pool - The Travel Journo

6. Best Online Coverage on Africa

John Malathronas - Mozambique: Superstar Slum - National Geographic Traveller
Stuart Butler - Exploring Zimbabwe's most accessible highlights - Rough Guides
Mark Stratton - São Tomé and Príncipe : The Chocolate Islands - National Geographic Traveller

7. Best National Newspaper Coverage of Africa

Lisa Grainger - Tanzania's New Luxuries Uncovered - The Telegraph Ultratravel
Gareth Huw Davies - Intoxicating Zanzibar - The Mail on Sunday
Malcolm Tattersall - Swaziland is full of eye-opening sights and adventures - The Sun

8. Best Magazine Coverage of Africa

Emma Gregg - Africa: Meet the People - National Geographic Traveller
Ben West - Magical Mystery Tour no 6292: Ugandan Lakes - Travel Africa Magazine
Steve King - Round the Bend - Vanity Fair

9. Best Feature on African environment / conservation Issues

Mark Eveleigh - Conservation: Fighting the Poachers - BBC Earth Magazine
Brian Jackman - Salvage the price of the Maasai Mara - The Sunday Telegraph
Sue Watt - Safari in Malawi - The Independent